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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

These Are the Things We Go Through

I know you're probably shocked that I'm posting twice in three days. I'll let you get over your shock...

Okay. I posted today because just after I posted on Monday about The Heart of AIO and The Agent's Blog lack of posting, they posted! The Heart of Odyssey has a new podcast up and I assume TCman explains why they've been gone so long; I haven't heard the podcast though, so don't trust me. ; )

Agent 3XQ is paranoid because the boxes are back. America is turning back to cable boxes, so Q is sure that once all Americans have one, the guys behind the scenes will push the button on their remotes and--hold on a second, why am I telling you? Go read it for yourself.

Marvin has written a ballad concerning Whit and Ham. Don't ask. I really don't know. Go check it out. It's pretty well written and thought through.

I'm still trying to live through the summer, and there's still no Odyssey news, so this is Christian A. signing off.

P.S. If you think you recognize the post title, go here.

Monday, June 28, 2010


There is no, and I mean no, AIO news. Unless you consider the fact that Jacob Isom posted a supposed Album 53 cover and description Odyssey news. But he thought he might get in trouble for it later on, so he took it down before anyone could save it to their computers. It looked great and I wish I could have shown it here.

I've noticed recently that the Heart of AIO has not posted for nearly three weeks, Camilla hasn't posted for awhile due to restrictions, and Agent 3XQ hasn't done anything recently either. Brock's off to ICRS in St. Louis, Missouri (I have no clue what that is.), so he won't be posting for a long time. (Not like that's something new.) So far it's been a pretty boring summer and I'm actually sad that I can't be doing school. I hope to start posting every day when the AIO episodes loop on the daily program starts at Album 1 again. I'll try to review every day, but I can't really see that lasting for long.

So, I guess I should get back to my boring life, waiting for summer to be over. Keep checking back for news, and be sure to vote in the poll!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Heartfelt Apologies

Although I didn't outright say that Marvin D. writes The Life of Nelson, I did imply that as my point of view, so I admit that I was wrong. Marvin gave a pretty strong case against his being Nelson, and the comments turned on me, so I decided to write this post to clear things up.

I am not Nelson Swanson (the blog-writer; the jury's still out on whether or not I'm the actual character).

Now that that's cleared up, let's rule out a few more people using Nelson's next-to-latest post:

It appears the guy who runs The Voice of Odyssey thinks that the one who runs
the AIO Fan's Life runs this. What can I say? It's a small world, but I really
have no idea...and I do have another blog, yeah, but not an AIO one. Being in
Odyssey,why have one? That's all I can say.

He didn't specify before that he doesn't have an Odyssey blog. That rules out Marvin D., FreddyJay, Original Joe, Audrey S., Camilla Parker, TCman, Luke, Kevin McCreary, Agent 3XQ, Ethan Daniels, Nathan Hoobler, and B. D. Eastman. That pretty much rules out all of my guesses as well, so I now have no clue who he might be. But I guess that's how it was/is with Camilla too. I won't jump to any more conclusions (Technically, I didn't jump to a conclusion; I had seven good reasons.) and for now we will be left to wonder who Nelson might be.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Seven Intriguing Facts

I have some interesting information that I've compiled together regarding Nelson Swanson and his blog:

1. Nelson's blog was discovered by Marvin D.

2. Marvin D. "discovered" it the very same day Nelson did his first post.

3. Nelson writes in a very similar way to Marvin D.

4. Nelson was absent from his blog the same amount of time as Marvin D. was from The AIO Fan's Life, and posted on the same day that Marvin posted.

5. Nelson has taken the liberty to call me Christian and Original Joe OJ, very similarly to how Marvin D. addresses the both of us.

6. Nelson has recently stated that he does another blog without his parents' knowledge.

7. Marvin D. took a particular interest to The Odyssey Muchacha which is also written by an Odyssey resident. He seemed to think it was a brilliant idea when she started it.

Just something to think about. I'm not trying to imply anything, but the facts seem to point to Marvin D. as the one who writes The Life of Nelson. Hey, I'm just saying. ; D

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Now that I am the fourth site to get the picture out (Here it is again.)...

...I'll give you my review:

Awesome! I love it! It looks great! I love the way the light from the clock is shining over everything! There is brilliant detail all throughout the picture and this is definitely one of my favorite, if not my very favorite Gary Locke drawing.

I still can't really tell who that third person is supposed to be. It's obviously a female, but it doesn't really look like anyone I've seen. I think it might be Connie, but unless the new Connie illustration has a pointed chin, freckles, and green eyes, it's probably some new character we don't know yet. (Tell me what you think!) If that's supposed to be Connie, she underwent major plastic surgery and looks more like the newly-plastic-surgeried girl in Disney's Bolt than Connie.

Mr. Whittaker and Eugene look great! I still hold to my opinion that the new Mr. Whittaker illustration is far superior to the old. And Eugene doesn't look that bad either.

Now I can't wait for Album 53's cover to be revealed!

P.S. I wrote this review yesterday, but didn't post it until today. So any similarities to other bloggers' reviews are coincidental (or providential, if you prefer ; D).

Here It Is!

Ta da!

I'll post what I think of it later, but for now I just wanted to be one of the first to get it out.

Make sure to go check out the podcast that gives us the winners of the Avery Awards!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Scene from Album 52!

I think I'm finally the first to get new information out!

The fifth episode of the Odyssey Scoopcast is out! And it is by far the best episode yet! I couldn't believe my ears when Kevin McCreary gave us not only a new episode title, "The Mystery of the Clock Tower", but he also gave us a scene from that episode! In this scene, we find out the main characters in the story, the main storyline, and that there is a new mayor in Odyssey!

Kevin also gave us a heads-up that the final Album 52 cover will be revealed tomorrow! And the new Official Podcast tomorrow will tell us where to find it. So I guess Marvin was right; how he knows someone who knows Nathan Hoobler I have no idea, but he was right on.

I'll try to be one of the first people out with the cover tomorrow. How's that for Odyssey news?!

By the way, yesterday Marvin discovered a new blog, "The Life of Nelson Swanson". It seems to be going in the same direction as The Odyssey Muchacha (which seems to be on a hiatus), and looks to be a very promising blog.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Can Anyone Say Wow?

WOW! I now know why Blogger was down for a little while last week. This week they have introduced a brand-new formatting program, and as you can see, I took advantage of it. (Tell me what you think in the comments!)

While there isn't any new Odyssey news, there is some fan website news. Jacob has unveiled his surprise at the Odyssey Scoop! Not only has he redone the Features section of the website, but he also added a new feature: Odyssey Awards. Jacob has organized all of the past Fan Awards contests from 2006 back to 1999, when Nathan Hoobler and Shadowpaw hosted the Season Awards at their websites. Both sites have since gone AWOL (This will sound weird, but I don't know what "AWOL" means. Can someone please tell me?), but these selections from fans were fun to look through.

For anyone who's interested Audrey S. recently told us that she is one of the writers of the blog Words on a Page, a blog that has nothing to do with Odyssey, but rather focuses on books, and poems, and writing in general. Also, I discovered via AIO Insanity a blog done by Isabella Esther, a homeschooled, teenage, Christian girl who follows Audrey's site. Her blog is called 4 Da Glory of God, and, though she has only written a few posts, her entries are full of spiritual encouragement and discipline. It is very interesting, and though she needs to work on some of her theology, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

Also, for any Christian music fans, I discovered Jay's Musik Blog the other day. He gives daily (sometimes bi-daily) updates on Christian music and artists, and does a devotional every Wednesday. Enjoy!

This is Christian A. saying, "Marvin'd better be right about the cover for Album 52 being revealed soon, because if it isn't, I might die for lack of Odyssey news!" :D

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Odyssey news has been coming along deathly slow the last couple of weeks. The latest news is that you have a chance to get in the recommendations page for Passages books 3 & 4. Click here if you want to learn how.

Marvin put out his podcast! In this most recent one, Marvin answers FAQs from his fans (mainly me), and tries to pronounce some of the longest words in the English language. Also, he seems to think, or actually, he learned from a secret AIO informant (who that is I have no idea) that we will be seeing some final Album 52 artwork sometime soon. What we've seen so far looks awesome, so I'm really looking forward to it.

Vote in my newest poll if you haven't yet. Head over to my Links Outward page if you want to check out any blogs you haven't heard of.

Well, I'm off to church, so until there's some real news, this is Christian A. signing off.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Album 52 Cover Leak!

I'm pretty sure Brock did this on purpose, but FreddyJay noticed something special in the background of the most recent picture released on The Quest for Truth:

If you look behind the book, you can see a clear Eugene, a sort of clear Whit, and another female character that looks to me like Connie. (Tell me what you think in the comments!)

It's just like Brock to do something like that. The picture wasn't even really needed, so I'm sure he only took the picture to sneak some secrets out.

Make sure to go vote in the Avery Awards, and keep checking in for more Odyssey news. Marvin seems to think that we'll be seeing the final album cover for Album 52 sometime soon.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

No News is Bad News

Sorry I haven't been posting very often. It's just that [1. There is no new, exciting Odyssey news, nor has there been for the last week. (Brock seems to have disappeared.) and [2. I have been hard at work getting ready for an Open House that my parents are giving at my house this Saturday. We are trying to sell our house, and this is our first Open House in years, so I've been hard at work washing windows, mowing the lawn, washing floors, vacuuming, you name it.

There is a bit of Odyssey news in that the votes in the Whitty awards have been added up, and you now have a chance to vote for the finalists in the Avery awards. You can do this at the Official site (where there is also a new podcast), AIO Wiki, and The Odyssey Scooop. Also, this time around, you can vote for Best Sound, Best Script, and Best Overall Episode.

This is Christian A. saying, "I'm bored, bored, BORED!!"

P.S. If you haven't yet done it, wish Marvin a happy birthday over at the AIO Fan's Life as he turns thirteen today.