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Monday, October 18, 2010

Christian A.'s Fully-Functional Keyboard Review

I really liked this episode. We haven't had a new Wooton-centered episode in what feels like a long time. I was glad that they put a Captain Absolutely segment in the regular season. The ones in The Truth Chronicles are really good. I thought it was very clever how they used the play on words to create a world without a point. :D

This seemed much more like the old Odyssey than most of the new episodes have been. There was a whole lot heard from main characters, without much from the newer characters. I was glad to hear from Red again, and I think I'm going to really like having him around more often.

There were a lot of parts that made me laugh out loud, which didn't happen much during the new season.

I was glad to hear from Harlow Doyle again. I think the last time we heard from him was in Rights, Wrongs, and Winners on Album 50. I was afraid he had been taken off of the show like Jason, Tom, Bernard, The Rathbones, The Washingtons, and others. Well, I don't know if they're off the show, but we just haven't heard from them since before the hiatus. I hope we hear from them soon.

I liked that the point of the entertainment was about entertainment having a point, but in the end the episode didn't have that much of a point. :0D

I look forward to hearing more from the Jones & Parker Detective Agency next week on Stage Fright.

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  1. So far the new season is a smidgen above average. I agree with your assessment. O and by the way welcome back!!!