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Monday, July 16, 2012

Mealtime Moments

I know I haven't posted any news in, like, forever, and I used to post every little thing that ever happened in the Odyssey blogosphere, but I thought this was pretty newsworthy, particularly because I just saw it a couple of minutes ago. ;)

Apparently Odyssey is releasing another devotional, right on the heels of the first one they ever released. This one is called "Mealtime Moments," and will be written from the sole perspective of Whit, rather than various Odyssey characters, as in the first devotional. However, I was especially interested by the artwork for this new devotional. Rather than the typical Wooton-Connie-Eugene-Whit picture, this one features Whit, but also the entire Jones family!

I really like how everyone looks in this picture. Mr. and Mrs. Jones look perfect, Barrett looks great as well (he needed a nice haircut), and even though Emily looks starkly different than she ever has previously, I like the change, for the most part. Her face is more kiddish, and while it doesn't necessarily fit her voice, it fits her character and her supposed age better. Plus, there's no longer any makeup, which I always had a problem with. :P

What do you think of the picture? Please comment and tell me!



  1. Good job, Christian. After your review, I'd thought you'd disappear again!

  2. I dislike Whit. He looks too. .young and thin. Then again, the new Whit is terrible.

    Yes, I'm cynical. Sue me.

    1. Yes, you're cynical. I'm suing soon as I figure out how to do that. ;)

      Yeah, I agree, he could use a couple more pounds and wrinkles. But he's not that bad. He still looks like someone I'd go to for advice and counsel. Wouldn't you say the same?

      Now, his voice is a whole different issue...

    2. Actually, I have to agree with Josh on this one. . . I can't stand the new Whit. <_<
      Not the voice. Andrea is growing on me. I mean his new look. That will never grow on me; It's just not him.
      I'm not against him getting healthier and blah blah. I mean, I could kinda use an overhaul myself XD but seriously. Being stick thin is NOT healthy. Plus, it was sudden. And it doesn't phase anyone in Odyssey. There was an entire episode devoted to that particular topic, and while Whit did indeed lose a few pounds, he still didn't even lose all the way, much less the AT LEAST 50 pounds (Probably more) that he had before the relaunch.
      Whit was seen as a plump, jolly, grandfatherly character. With an old-but-friendly face, to show many years of experience, and a more-than-willingness to share them with kids and adults alike.
      Now he looks like an ADHD patient on fifteen cups of coffee. =| (No offense to ADHD patients or Coffee Lovers. o.O) He's so frail he almost looks sick. It's actually pretty gross.
      I feel like this new Whit is another example of AIO's recent desperation to try and make their show "politically correct". While I have nothing against being politically correct, I feel like it was sudden, and too forced.
      What I mean by this is the fact that they suddenly made Whit -- and other characters -- stick thin; as if they were giving in to the latest federally-started health crazes. Stamping out obesity and what not. I'm not against helping people get healthier, as I said, but all people are different shapes and sizes. Some are naturally bigger, and some, smaller. On AIO, they've made all the bigger characters super skinny, and the ones that aren't skinny, well.. they don't look too great. For example. New Whit:

      And then, Mrs. Kramer >_>:

      (Totally not how I pictured her, btw. =p)

      Yeah, I think the characters were more relatable when they were shapely. Not, erm, SHAPELY. xp Whit was supposed to be a role model; and his shape and size added to that. He never let being overweight stop him from being so amazing. So why change that? That's a GOOD image for kids. And now? Now it's all gone wrong. Seriously, this new Whit needs some twinkies or something. XD

      Okay, that's my two -- erm. and a half -- cents. I'm done ranting now. See ya. xD

    3. You're awesome, Sammy. x) I didn't even know there was a picture of Mrs. Kramer. O_o Thanks for enlightening me. I loved reading your thoughts. :D If you want to use this as our chatting area, that'd be fine with me. =)

  3. I 100% agree on the makeup part. And Emily looks chubbier :P

    1. She does...but like I said, it fits her character better. Or at least who her character is supposed to be.