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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My 25th Post!

I've apparently only been around a quarter of the amount of time Audrey has but hey, at least I haven't gone insane over AIO. She says she's going to do a podcast celebrating her 100th post. I can't wait!

As I said yesterday, my little brother got Album 51 for his birthday, so we listened to the first disc last night. It has "The Inspiration Station Parts 1 & 2", along with "Clutter". It was a lot easier to listen to "The Inspiration Station" listening to both parts in one night, instead of over the course of one week. I didn't realize how much I really liked both of these episodes until I heard them together. This is going to turn into a review, but I haven't officially reviewed these episodes yet anyway.

I loved all of the acting. Even Olivia's actress did very well for her first episode. All of the actors did an amazing job. All of the old actors, even Whit, captured their roles very well. And each of the new actors had a unique personality and played their parts nearly perfectly. All of the chemistry is very good.

This story also taught a very good lesson, as I listened to it again. I was very touched at some parts. I could relate to Connie in this episode a lot. There are times when a camp speaker or a pastor will say something that really inspires me to live for God, but then a few days later, the feeling will be gone, and I'll be back to my sinful self.

I really liked the scene where Eugene and Whit let Connie listen to the recorded responses of callers. I wish I had been able to be a part of that contest. Audrey sounds great! But I still don't believe that she's only twelve.

Overall, this episode was amazing, and taught great lessons. The Parker family is a great addition to the show. So is Red Hollard who makes an appearance in "Clutter". I can't wait to hear more from in season 52.

In other news, the second annual Ceiling Fan Fan Hijack has been officially started. This is a contest where fans of the Ceiling Fan (has anyone ever wondered why he's on the ceiling?) create their own Ceiling Fan Podcast parody, and Ethan and Phil vote on their favorite entry. The winning podcast parody will be aired on a future Ceiling Fan podcast. The winner will receive a bunch of really cool prizes.

There is another blog that has been started by Camilla Parker!!! David and Eva have decided that she is old enough to run one. It should be interesting to see what she does with it and what she says about episodes with her in them.

Does anyone know why the Odyssey Owl went off of the Internet??

Does anyone else find it hard to close off these blog posts? I can never think of a good closing statement. ----------------------- There I go again. I can't think of a good post ender. I'll just end it here. Oh yeah, here's one of my favorites: Please comment!


  1. I totally agree with your review. Can you change the colors on your blog? I'm having a hard time reading your posts.

  2. Definitely. Thank you, Lydia. Always feel free to tell me when things are hard to read. ;D

  3. What about me?! *cries* I'll never talk to you again, remember that Christian!! ;)

    Say, why do you write ;D when it's actually :D? And where do you learn those sort of smilies? You never chat anymore. :-(

  4. album 53 info here

  5. At this point, we are deleting all info related to Album 53 until Brock, FOTF (Focus on the Family), or some other reliable source releases information.