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Monday, May 10, 2010

Amazing Podcast!

I hadn't yet listened to the newest Official AIO Podcast when I posted about it the other day, and didn't say nearly enough about it. It is an amazing podcast, with an interview second only to the interview with Jess Harnell. Zach Callison is an amazing actor and he really knows how to do interviews.

I have never seen "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?", but I have the game version, and I've seen variations of it at church camp. It is a great game show, and it's really cool that Zach was on it for Season 5.

It is a very revealing interview, as they tend to be, because the actors have usually recorded many shows that we've never heard. One such episode revealed in this podcast is "An Agreeable Nanny". We get a pretty cool, full description of the episode including such plot elements as chases with a giant dog, no parents at home, a great baby-sitter, and a grueling banana fight.

Also, it was said that the next podcast will contain an interview with very popular contemporary Christian artist, Mandisa, who is a member of the modern-day Jubilee Singers.

She is a wonderful lady with a troubled past who was a finalist on American Idol a few years back, and who has since become one of Christian music's most popular female vocalists and certainly the most popular female African-American in the Christian industry. I thought that was cool that she had ties to these most recent Odyssey episodes.

Sounds like we've got some awesome stuff to look ahead to in the 52nd season. So be sure to listen to this most recent podcast, and stay tuned for the interview with Mandisa.

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