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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Nothing Much

There's nothing much going on in Odyssey lately, no new news. But bloggers have been filling up the time with special surprises!

If you haven't heard Audrey's podcast celebrating her 100th post, be sure to go check that out. When she decided to reveal her voice, it inspired Marvin to do it too. He has put out two clips of his voice and it seems like he has the ability to do more in the future. He also released a picture of himself. It may come as a surprise to those of you who don't know him as well as I do.

The Odyssey Muchacha keeps getting better and better. When it first came out, I was expecting it to be any other give news and review episodes blog. But Camilla has come at it with a different approach and constantly writes about her life and siblings and a lot more Odyssey stuff than any other blogs. I really like reading that kind of thing, it's very entertaining and Camilla is doing a great job making her blog unique.

I had forgotten to wonder what would be airing on the weekends on Odyssey this summer until yesterday. Jacob posted the list of summer episodes that will air on Saturdays for the majority of the summer while we wait for Album 52.

Also, I don't know where he got them, but the guy who runs the Whit's End Podcast got two or three new episode titles that I'd never heard before. I'm pretty sure that they're legitimate, but beware in case of any trickery.

If you haven't noticed, I created three other pages to the blog titled Character Profiles, Episode Reviews, and Links Outward. I hope to do more in the future.

That's all for now, and for those who have been wondering, I will not be posting any audio or video clips of myself. My dad told me to tell you that my voice will be kept a secret in order to let the Voice of Odyssey ring out.

P.S. For those of you who care, today is the ninth anniversary of Wooton's first appearance in Odyssey.


  1. Hey Christian, the "guy" of TWEP, is Regis, and I know him. And those titles are real!

  2. Christian, I answered your question in the comments of the Odyssey Scoop.,_Connie,_and_Eugene..._on_Another_Radio_Drama