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Monday, May 17, 2010

Oh Wow! Oh Wow! Oh Wow!

Guess what my younger brother (12) got for his birthday on Saturday?!!? (Hopefully the picture doesn't give anything away.)

Yeah! How'd you guess? My mom secretly, behind my back, ordered those two items at half price about a month ago. I would've scanned my hands holding them, but my scanner acted up on me this morning. You'll just have to take my word for it. I totally thought that we hadn't ordered ours yet. Yay!! We listen to Odyssey in bed every night so I think we'll listen to the first disc tonight. I can't wait to hear the deleted scenes from "The Inspiration Station". I only listened to the "Darien's Rise" episodes once when they were airing, and have since read the entire biblical account. It should be fun to compare the story with what I read.

Odyssey news has been kinda slow lately. Original Joe put a new cool awards page on his blog where you can vote for your favorite things about the new season. TC Man's third and fourth heartcasts are out with some awesome interviews. If you're participating in Brock's Mother's Day contest, be sure to keep those stories coming in. Remember, the prizes are worth $1,000.

Until there's more news, this is Christian A. signing off. (Please comment!)


  1. Yay! It's always fun to get new albums!

  2. Especially when it's a complete surprise! And it's the album that all of your friends/fellow bloggers already have.

  3. *coughs* So what?? :) I while ago I'd have been jealous! I just finished Darien's Rise today, I've read the Bible 25 times! *nods* But congrats anyway, Christian! When is he joining the world?

  4. I, unfortunately, did not develop a real interest in reading God's Word until about a year ago. :( So I haven't read through even once yet. But then again, you live in Africa, and probably don't have too much else to do. No offense.

    Nicolas was supposed to start on Saturday, his birthday, but he forgot. I think he'll probably start today or tomorrow. Be on the lookout for a new guy on the Odyssey Scoop. :D