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Monday, May 3, 2010

This Episode Was...

I don't have much to say, nor do I have much time in which to say anything about this episode, so I'm going to go away from my usual long, organized reviews, and just do what all of the other blogs are doing and tell you some points I had on this episode:

  • I loved hearing from Connie again. And there was great writing for hers and Eugene's characters. Probably because it wasn't just Tim Hodge writing. Paul McCusker apparently had a part in it too. That's probably why "Abuelita" was included and all of the characters remained true to their personalities.
  • Olivia sounded a lot better in this episode. I just wish they wouldn't have said that she was eleven. She sounds more like fourteen/fifteen. But they probably didn't want to have her that old so that she wouldn't have to deal with teenage issues, since this is a show for 8-12- year-olds.
  • I noticed something a little weird--when Olivia walked away and broke down, she sounded a lot like Connie. I guess that was just her actress' adult side coming out. And her wanting to go back in time with the Imagination Station reminded me of the AIO book "Strange Journey Back" in which Mark Prescott tries to go back in time and change the day that his dad left his mom.
  • This episode reminded me of the episode where Connie has, like fifteen different things to do every day including writing for the Odyssey Times, and Whit teaches her how to manage her time, and she gives, like ten of those things up. Sorry for the run-on sentence, but I don't remember what the name of the episode is. (Comment if you know the episode I'm talking about!)
  • This was a very real-to-life episode. More so than we've really ever seen in Odyssey. It sounded like a real-to-life girl having real-to-life trouble juggling real-to-life activities. But the episode, as some of the other reviews suggested, was somewhat lacking. There wasn't much action, and when there was, it was Olivia. There was only one storyline involving one kid, so it definitely seemed to be missing something.
  • I liked hearing from Whit again. Mr. Stojka seemed to do a much better job in this episode. And I loved hearing him give advice from the Bible. If Andre isn't yet saved, at least these episodes can have a positive witness to him.
  • I had never heard the word "flake" used any other way than to refer to a light, flaky object before this episode. I thought that that was kind of weird.
  • I loved the ending with Chris. It reminded me of the old days when Chris had a lot more to say before and after episodes.
  • And, finally, I wanted to say something about Red Hollard. Although we didn't hear his voice in this episode, we still found out a little more about his character. It was surprising to hear that he is active at Whit's End. I thought he was just going to act as a neighbor character to the Parkers. He seems like a mix between Wooton and Bernard, and I could probably get used to having him on the show a lot. But I would be very sad if Bernard was replaced by him.

Okay, so I guess I did have a lot to say. But I was just too lazy to try to make it look more organized. You guys are lucky I finish what I say I'll... Overall, this was a pretty good... I give it a...

Just kidding! I give 7/10 stars. Please comment!

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  1. That. Was. Long. Like it though! Esp. about Chris. :)