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Monday, May 24, 2010

The Coloured Singers from Fisk University

Sorry if this review seems a lot more unprofessional than the ones I've done before. I've never reviewed a three-part episode, and I'm feeling very tired and lazy, so if I seem to be rambling and unorganized, that's my lame excuse.
  • These episodes were the best in the season! And the third part was the overall best episode of the season!
  • The singing was amazing! There was not one song that had one error in it. There is a special feature in the album version that tells you that they hired professional singers to sing the songs, but the actors were different people. That's why there was amazing singing and great acting at the same time. Some of the songs, as Marvin said, almost made me cry. And if you know me, I don't cry unless something's really, really good.
  • The acting was just as amazing! Until I heard that special feature on the CD, I thought it was crazy how they found amazing black (or black-sounding) actors and actresses who could sing very very well. All of the characters (who were supposed to) sounded like genuine black folk. Red and Olivia's actors also did a great job. I still wish they'd change Olivia's age to fourteen or fifteen. She still doesn't act or sound like anyone younger than that.
  • Samuel was my favorite character in the set of episodes, maybe even in the whole season. He added just the right amount of humor to the episode, and a lot of it made me laugh. Especially the part where he overdramatizes the gunshot wound. He was always worried about his stomach, and that reminded me of Marvin Washington. Mostly because I think they're played by the same actor.
  • There were no major characters (unless you wanna call Olivia a major character) ! I was really hoping that Whit or Connie or Eugene would pop in somewhere or near the end, but they didn't. That was the only downside of having these episodes end the season. There was no great ending line by Whit or anyone else.
  • There were more spiritual applications in this episode than in the rest of the season combined! I really appreciated that. These episodes really felt like Odyssey, rather than a new radio drama trying to be like Odyssey. There were lessons about perseverance, umm..., I can't remember any more right now, but I'm sure there were more. (Please comment!) Oh yeah, Olivia learned that she should be wanting and willing to learn and ready to fight for her right to learn.

Overall, this was an amazing episode and the Odyssey team did a great job. It had a great story, and it's all the better when the story is true! Keep up the good work Odyssey, but now I can't wait for Cause and Effect.

This episode gets a 10/10, a great way to end the season.


  1. What were you doing up so early, Christian? :) You were really up! About 7? Wowee!

  2. The Jubilee Singers was awesome. Definitely The best episode of album 51. I really didn't that there wasn't any major charaters.

  3. @ Marvin: I believe I've mentioned to you before that I usually get up around 4:15 a.m. during the schoolyear. Now that the schoolyear is over, my body is trying to get used to getting up late. So I still get up kind of early sometimes. I got up at 6:45 this morning, and that's really not very early for me.

    @ Lydia: It really was the best of the season, but I was hoping, since this was the last episode for a few months, that we'd get to hear from a major character at the end.

  4. I get up at 5:45, but I'm surprised that you were typing that early. :) I can't get on that early!