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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Push the Red Button!

I can't write much, since my allotted Internet time is almost up, but I thought you guys deserved something from me, since I haven't written anything in a couple of weeks.

I was on AIO Wiki just now and saw this new episode title and summary that have been released:

Push the Red Button:
Eugene creates an invention that will merge all the programs into one...and something goes wrong.

This sounds exciting! And I really love the title. I hope we get some more titles and summaries in the near future!

Oh, and for those of you who would like to take advantage of it, AIO Wiki has a link on the main page to a free download of an Album 56 episode called "Happy Hunting." I won't be downloading it, but if you'd like to, feel free. :)



  1. Good to hear from you again, Christian! By the way, I listened to Happy Hunting, and if the rest of Album 56 is anything like it, I will be very happy. It was a very good episode.

    (Also, I would like to do an email interview with you. How could I do that? COuld I get your email address or something, please?)

    1. Are you on the Town of Odyssey? You could do it via PMs there. I don't have an e-mail address, so it wouldn't work that way.

  2. Oooh....that episode sounds really awesome!! I can't wait :)

  3. The Old Judge sounds like a girl. /random

    Was there an episode description?

    1. You really are one for randomness, aren't you? :P

      If you're referring to "Push the Red Button," I posted that description. If you're referring to "Happy Hunting," that description was released a good while ago, but here it is:'

      "Penny Wise embarks on a frantic search to find happiness, but in the process she makes everyone around her miserable."

  4. I told you that you needed to perfect the art of it.

    Yeah, that was it :p I looked it up myself though xP thanks anyways!