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Thursday, April 1, 2010

More Updates

So, I got an e-mail from Brock this morning (I'm guessing all the other bloggers did too) concerning Album 52 episode titles and plot summaries. He only gave information on the episodes aforementioned on my last post:

  • Now is the Time Parts 1 & 2--Eugene is making repairs on the town clocktower, when he discovers a mechanism set to shut down the clocktower at an upcoming deadline. Together with Whit, he follows clues carved into the inner clocktower to solve the mystery.
  • Ghost in the Schoolyard--Strange things are happening at Odyssey Middle School: things disappearing or moving right in front of people's eyes, doors mysteriously being opened or closed, then Emily Jones discovers a plot to thwart the upcoming school talent show. Sounds like a job for The Jones & Parker Detective Agency!
  • Think Fast!--The gang at Whit's End decides to begin practicing the Biblical discipline of fasting. Soon, the kids want to join in, and Whit nearly runs out of customers. Wooton is suffering, but for Eugene, it's a breeze. Everyone learns a valuable lesson about what it truly means to fast.
  • All for One--Wooton starts his own radio show, yet to be named. He starts out by having callers decide the topics. But it turns to disaster when people start asking questions, about Wooton! Will Wooton share deep, dark secrets with the people of Odyssey?
  • That Time of Year--It's Christmastime in Odyssey, and the Parker kids want to get something special for their parents. They work together with Whit on the surprise, but Whit doesn't know that Connie and Wooton are working to surprise him! But everything is up in the air when Eugene, who knows nothing of either plot, walks into Whit's End at the wrong time!

There is not yet any information concerning the Kidsboro episode(s), so we'll just have to guess on that one.

In other slightly sad news, Bob Hoose, one of the Odyssey team who writes on occasion, has retired. He wrote the latest episode "Game for a Mystery." And the popularity of that episode was to make the decision for him, as to whether or not he would stay on the team. Because this episode did not do well among fans, he has decided to step down.

Also, for those of you involved, or who wanted to get involved, in the Act Like Odyssey Contest, it's not over yet! The producers of AIO received so few entries, that they decided to lengthen the contest by one week. If your entry is postmarked or e-mailed by this Friday, April 2, 2010, you still have a chance to win!

Until next time, Christian A., signing off. (Please comment!)


  1. WOW! Not only did you make me think these were the real descriptions, you made me wonder why I didn't get an email from Brock! Ha ha ha! You're good.

  2. Thank you. I racked my brain all last night until, like, 11 p.m. I finally came up with names for all of the episodes. But I didn't come up with the episode summaries until early this morning. This is the first time I've ever had a chance to do a real April Fools joke on anyone. :D

  3. I knew it from the beginning. I thought that Brock made the joke on YOU!

  4. This is Marvin's ghost. You have played a prank and will be sued. Do not do this again.

  5. Christian, can you change the letter color. I don't know if it's just me, but it's hard to read.

  6. I can't read it very well.

  7. Was the tidbit about Bob Hoose also an April Fool?

  8. Yes, everything was. I thought that that would sound good. :)