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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Opposite Day

I really, really liked this episode!

Almost everything about this episode was great! I can barely control my excitement over how good it was!

It was great to hear Priscilla Peterson again! I had been hoping that we'd hear from her again, and it wasn't weird at all that she hung around with Olivia rather than Barrett.

It also wasn't weird that Barrett's voice suddenly got deeper and more distinguished. I didn't like it though; it didn't make him sound any more older than Emily.

I liked that we didn't get to hear from any of the other Parkers, just Olivia, it made the episode so much more diverse and interesting. I don't think this episode did anything to help develop her character, which was disappointing. Olivia still sounds to me like a forty-year-old trapped in a fifteen-year-old's body.

I appreciated that there was a great moral behind the whole episode, and all the references to God, and what the Bible says were great.

Having so many new girl characters introduced in one episode was really nice. It gave the show a Christian feel. And Amber's laugh made me feel so good. It sounded so genuine, and made me feel like laughing too. :)

It was so normal and not at all awkward that Barrett was on the Internet unsupervised so much. It seemed completely reasonable that his parents allowed him to interact with so many people (522, I think), even his dentist's daughter's neighbor's cousin. It made me feel so disappointed that I'm not allowed to go on social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter.

Okay, if any of you haven't caught on yet, it's opposite day here at my house, so everything I've said in my review so far has pretty much been the exact opposite of my actual opinion. I actually didn't like this episode much at all, and was very surprised to hear that it was written by Kathy Weringa. I don't think she's directed anything involving the new characters yet though, so I guess it was an okay first episode.

I hope that the next episode gets a little better than this one was.

I give it a 3.5/10.

Please comment!

P.S. @Marvin: No, I do not yet have Cause & Effect. I have no idea if or when we will get it. I don't really ask my parents for things like that. I just wait and hope they'll get it for me. ;) (Hint-hint)


  1. Haha! What is this, April Fool's?? :) You actually got me there, because I was thinking that another 11/10 episode rating was on it's way. :)

  2. Good one, Christian. I was reading and I went like, "Good grief...he does like it?" I, personally, found this episode to be quite distasteful. Barret's voice is much better than it was previously. At least Olivia isn't as NEARLY as whiny as she was last time, though I still don't like her. No Matthew, so yeah. Moral was okay...Wooton was so annoying.
    Wow. I'm negative. Final rating? About 5/10...this album isn't shaping up to exactly what I expected. the only great episode (fairly) was the first one.

  3. I'll be even more negative than u Marvin! :) i hated Barretts voice change, I hated Olivia, I hated Amanda, I hated Club Kid Chat, I hated the whole thing. 1/4 star out of 5 stars. (In other words, lowest rating possible) Nice trick Christian!

  4. Thank you, thank you. I was thinking more people would have thought to do what I did.

    @ Marvin: I did like Barrett's voice change. I think he sounds much better, definitely older than Emily now. I also thought that Olivia was better in that she wasn't even close to as whiny. She seems to have matured just a little bit. But not completely. And Wooton's place in this episode was pretty annoying, that's very unusual.

    @ Luke: I did not like the character of Amanda either. Her laugh made me cringe. Neither did I appreciate Club Kid Chat. And, by the way, the lowest rating possible would be lower than .0000000000000001/5 stars. ; D

  5. The lowest rating would be -∞/100. *nods*

  6. That's good. I wouldn't have thought of that. ;D

  7. I think of everything, Christian-boy. ;) It's my job to...maybe not. :P

  8. Did you think that Will Ryan, the actor who plays Eugene is older than Earl Boen, the actor who plays Edwin? That's probably something you didn't think of. ; )

  9. I thought of that last month, when I found out. Ha! ;)

  10. Awww... I thought I was one of the only people who knew! Did you find out on a past episode of the Unofficial Podcast like I did? Or did you see it somewhere else?

  11. My friend who runs a podcast told me. He tells me lots of things. I'm a know-it-all guy. ;) I know lots of things about TCF. Like, stuff I can't say. Top secret. Did you update your iTunes to hear the newest episode that came out earlier this week?

  12. I was so confused at first! I couldn't belive it when you said that Amber's laugh was so genuine.

  13. @ Marvin: What do you mean? 1. I don't use iTunes, I just listen to the episodes on the radio, and 2. What new episode?!! Did I miss something? I didn't think we could hear The Owlnapping until tomorrow. ):O|

  14. @ Jessa: : D I figured that saying that would get most people to start wondering whether or not I was serious. ; )

  15. I was talking about The Ceiling Fan, Christian, the Ceiling Fan. :P