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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Brock Eastman Interview

The Odyssey Scoop has posted the second part to their interview with Brock on the ScoopCast! I don't remember seeing that they had posted a first part, but it's exciting anyway. There was a little bit of new information shared, so I'll record it here as usual.
  • Brock has already heard six of Album 54's episodes, and he finds them quite exciting.

  • This upcoming album's episodes are definitely more along the lines of slice-of-life episodes, rather than the big conspiracy we just had.

  • The writers are already working on Album 55 shows, and Brock thinks that they are very exciting as well.

  • There is an episode in the upcoming season where we hear from Grandma Parker again, and there is a hilarious part combining Mr. Parker and tortillas.

  • Album 54 should really help us start connecting with the personalities of the members in the Parker family.

  • The Hispanic aspect of this new family was introduced to try to reach out to that Hispanic part of our culture which has always loved Odyssey, but seldom felt included in the stories.

  • Kevin McCreary plays a very minor character by the name of Kevin in the new Grandma Parker episode. His first Odyssey appearance was in The Green Ring Conspiracy Part I at 10:30. He calls out as part of the press as Detective Polehaus is leaving the crash site, "Detective, Detective! Wait, wait!" (I believe he was also the first person cast to play Robert Mitchell in Green Eyes and Yellow Tulips, according to the Novacom Saga's bonus CD.)

  • Brock has "cameoed" in a few episodes as well. In The Inspiration Station, he was one of the kids whom Connie had to clean up after in her dream, but his voice was replaced. And in The Mystery of the Clock Tower, he was a voice in the crowd at the end of Part 2. :P Diane, however, has been in many, many roles.

  • The Imagination Station series' Book 5, Showdown with the Shepherd was written by Brock, and Book 6, Problems in Plymouth was written by Marshal Younger. Plus, work has already been started on Books 7-12. Either Book 7 or 8 will feature Patrick fighting a dragon!

  • Brock's non-Odyssey series The Quest for Truth's first book, Taken, is out, and can be found at all major book retailers. He started writing the series in 2005, and he just last year finally found a publisher for them. (His blog about this series can be found here. [Be warned, the main picture may scare you away!])

  • The original premise for the series was going to feature four missionary kids in Africa, but Brock ended up having his character flying through space on a ship called the Phoenix! His purpose for writing the series was to give kids something to read that was a fun action/adventure story, but avoided the unnecessary elements that much teen fiction has today.

After the interview (which will be concluded in a third part in a couple of weeks), Kevin played a commercial/preview of the book series. You can hear that at 11:49 on the ScoopCast, if you're interested.

Well, I have to admit, I am getting a little bit more excited for the release of Album 54. I'm trying to get more optimistic about things so that I can come to the season with a neutral mind, but I'm not sure how well that's going to go if we have to hear from Penny and Emily. :P

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for any new Odyssey news. Please comment!


  1. Well, I'm happy and I'm sure you will be to know that Emily will only be in one episode this season!!! As for Penny, she'll be in three. I don't mind hearing from Penny again though.

  2. Oh, yes, I was very glad to hear that! And we can be pretty sure of which one she's in, unless "Emily, the Genius" features a bunch of people just talking about her, without her actually in it. :P

    I'm not all that annoyed by Penny, but rather by her relationship with Wooton. It is just so weird and uncomfortable that I wish Penny weren't in any episodes at all this season.

  3. Actually, it wasn't me who tried out for the part of Mitch. As much as I would have loved being on odyssey back then, I would have been about 14 years old. A bit too young for that part. :-) thanks.


  4. Really? It really sounded like you. Really.