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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Repack Covers and Album 55!

The new covers for both Album 23 and Album 29 have been released! (These ones are actually official [if AIO Wiki can be trusted ;)].) They are a small improvement from the fake ones released before, but I still think those were wonderful! Here they are:

And then here we have the official back cover art for Album 54:

All of these look fabulous! I am continually amazed at Gary Locke's ability to create such quality and yet fun art.

Now for the more exciting part of the post: Information about Album 55! AIO Wiki has put a summary of all that we know about Album 55 (and Album 56) on their "Future" page. The most notable piece of information that I'll include here concerns one of the three-part episodes that we've heard about before:

While The Labyrinth, the episode featuring Jason and Mr. Grote, will remain the same--a three-parter--Sgt. York will not. "This was originally a 3 part episode. However, after editing the voice tracks, the AIO team discovered that the episode is 18 minutes too long. Rather than cut out 18 minutes out of the story, they decided to make it into AIO's first 4-part episode. Because of this, an episode from album 55 will be pushed back to be released in a future album."

Wow!! I have some friends who don't really listen to Odyssey, mainly because of the modern turn it's taken over the last ten years (sometimes featuring snarky and worldly characters); however, I know that they really enjoy the story of Alvin York, so I'm very excited to know that this will be an extended episode about which I will potentially be able to give them a good report. And from what I've heard them tell me about Sgt. York, it should be a very interesting and riveting episode. I can't wait to see how the writers handled it; it has the potential of becoming as much of, if not more of, a favorite than the Jubilee Singers.

Well, I don't know about you, but, minus Album 54, I'm excited about where Odyssey is going in the future, particularly with Album 55. We'd better all stay tuned for what's coming in the days ahead!


  1. I dislike the cover for album 29. The colors clash, and the font is way too classy. I noticed that you changed the color of links to green. I'm not sure that I really like it that way. It's your choice, of course.

  2. The colors don't seem to clash for me, but I do agree that the lettering is weird. I liked the font on the fan's teaser cover better.

    No, thank you for letting me know what you think. I like to hear from you about changes I make. I'll be sure to change that. I was just hoping for a color that stood out better.

  3. Ok. I see you changed it to blue. You were right, the green did stand out better. Is your goal to make links a different color than the regular text? If not, you could make it white. You've probably thought of that before, though.

  4. Yeah, I wanted it to be different than the usual text. (e.g. the "'Future' page" link in the post)

    I could just leave the links white in the gadgets, and then manually change the color when I have a link in a post.

  5. Yeah, I decided to aviod posting that so that it didn't tempt people who normally wait until it airs on the radio. ;) It surely tempted me! It's so unfair that so many other people get to cheat and listen way sooner and quicker than the rest of us. Even Jacob at the Odyssey Scoop got it early. What are you going to do?

  6. I'm going to wait, and listen to the episodes before buying the album, but if a contest to win it pops up, I will enter that.