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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Mr. Jones!

I received my January 2012 issue of Clubhouse Magazine in the mail yesterday afternoon, and in the Adventures in Odyssey section of the magazine, I saw this picture:

Gary Locke has again done an amazing job in putting a face to the voice we hear on the radio. I, for one, think it is an excellent representation of my mind's picture of Mr. Jones. I did imagine him a bit heavier though...

This first issue of 2012 also featured new pictures of Emily and Barrett Jones further on in the magazine:

(Is it just me, or does Barrett have huge feet?)

I hope I'm not violating any copyright issues in posting these pictures. I stated that Gary Locke was the artist behind the new drawings, so I think I should be okay. But if anyone thinks otherwise, please let me know, and I'll take them down.

P.S. If there's anyone who'd be able to offer me some assistance with the technical aspects of the blog, I need some help. The Internet Explorer version of my blog has the entire right sidebar on the bottom of the left sidebar. No matter what I do in the "design" section of blogger, I can't fix it. All the other browsers seem to be fine. But Internet Explorer is what the majority of my viewers use, so I want to try to get it fixed.


  1. Haha, those are really great! Though they would be a little better if the quality was higher. But still, thanks for sharing :)

  2. Is that better, Alina? ;)

    I decided to use our family's scanner, rather than the little camera at the top of my laptop.

    P.S. I decided to save the Wooton picture for New Year's, if you were wondering.

  3. I noticed those new pics too, I never thought of posting them on my blog. I also imagine Mr. Jones heavier, but without a beard, and no, it's not just you, Barrett does have huge feet.

  4. He and Emily are both sooo thin, it's not even funny.

  5. Lol, those are much better. HA, I just noticed how un-proportional Barrett and Emily actually are!