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Monday, February 20, 2012

Something Old, Something New

Great news! We finally have all 12 episode titles for Album 55, just in time for the season to start airing next month! Something Old, Something New, Parts I and II are the final two episode titles to be released from AIO for The Deep End. Episodes from this new album begin airing on March 10th. Now all we have to wait for is episode summaries!

As you've probably noticed, I am really bad at keeping this thing regularly updated. Well, that's what you get when you have a 15-year-old in 11th grade trying to run a blog and do schoolwork, as well as many other things. The thought has entered my mind that I might stop this blog, because I can't imagine that I'll have time to review the new episodes when they begin airing next month, and I haven't even finished reviewing Album 54's episodes (I suspect I never will). So I'm posting a new poll, asking my readers whether I should totally end the blog or just continue posting on a monthly basis, as I have basically been doing.

I greatly value your input, so please vote in the poll if you get the chance. Thank you for reading!


  1. Wow eleventh grade? i'm about that age and in ninth grade and thought i was busy! :)
    But really it would be sad if you stopped the blog. Like every blog is disappearing it's sad! No one said the reviews had to be like incredibly long or anything. Anyway that's just my opinion.

  2. @ Anon: I'm definitely not trying to make long reviews anymore, like I did during The Green Ring Conspiracy. But I don't even have time to sit and listen to an episode and write a short review.

    Yeah, it has been sad to see so many blogs come and go--especially ones that had great premises. Odyssey Muchacha, Trent Chat, The Odyssey Vision, The Heart of AIO, and The Odyssey Owl were some great ones that aren't around anymore, although most of them never officially went off the web.

    In one sense, I don't want to be like any of them, but in another sense, I feel like my life is so full that I just can't give people my best from this blog, so I might as well not do it at all.

    But so far, I'm getting all positive votes in the poll--that I should keep the blog open no matter how infrequently I post--so I guess the blog really is loved. *sniffs* :P

  3. Replies
    1. Oh, yes. I forgot about the Odyssey Squirrel. Is that what it was called? :P

  4. Yes, yes. My shining accomplishment. :P I literally hit myself in the head when it was mentioned on the Odyssey Scoopcast. Of all the Odyssey-related projects I've done, the coolest AIO guy, Kevin, mentions that one!

  5. Your 15 and in 11th grade?I'll only be in 9th when I'm 15! Any way I like this site! don't stop it! Btw I'm leopards and zebras!

  6. Elizabeth of the Kirk in the WoodsFebruary 25, 2012 at 2:37:00 PM EST

    No, no! I love reading this blog; don't give up because of infrequency!!!

    (I especially want to hear your take on "The Labyrinth"... :D)

  7. Sorry about spoiling that for you. I'll try to be more careful about that in the future. Thanks for letting me know. Feedback is always appreciated. :D

  8. Oh, it's okay, FJ. I should have seen it coming, since that particular former director/writer has been on the scene so often recently.