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Friday, May 18, 2012


I was planning on writing and posting this earlier in the week--preferably not the night before Something Old, Something New, Part II comes out--but if you know anything about me, you know that some of my worst traits are laziness and procrastination. So, like a true procrastinator, I've waited until just about the last minute to get this out. Since I'm not writing a formal review of Something Old, Something New, Part I, I did want to talk about what I think might happen in the next part before it is officially released.

As you could probably tell from my previous post, I was really excited that Mitch came back in last week's episode. I even expressed to friends of mine who don't know much about Odyssey at all my excitement. Hopefully all of my excitement won't give me an expectation that is too high for tomorrow's episode to meet.

My first prediction, which I think makes the most sense of anything I'm conjecturing, is that Mitch is back in town because of the allegedly illegal activity going on involving "Cute Guy" and "Mystery Woman" Some have said that maybe Mitch and his fiancee are those two's true identities, which could be possible, since thus far only Matthew, Emily, and Penny have seen them. However, I think that's unlikely. It really seems like the mystery couple are doing something illegal with their paintings, so unless that impression is totally wrong, I don't think Mitch is involved in that.

A second thing I wanted to express was that although on the one hand, it would be nice and somewhat emotionally satisfying for Connie and Mitch to get back together, I don't want that to happen. For one thing, I don't think he's going to ditch his fiancee so quickly, even though we might hope that he would. And secondly, as I believe someone else has said, Mitch and Connie already determined that it was not God's will for them to get married. If, all of a sudden, God reveals to them that they are supposed to be together, it would not make a lot of sense to listeners who already have a hard time figuring out God's will and how all of the specifics of that should play out. If the relationship wasn't meant to be before, I don't think that should ever change, no matter how much we fans might want the two to be together.

My dad, on the other hand is a different story. He thinks that these two episodes are a setup for several episodes to come in Album 56 which will rebuild Mitch and Connie's relationship. I informed him that Paul McCusker (wasn't it?) had said that they wouldn't get back together until Eugene and Katrina had kids, and that since it's obvious now that they can't have kids, Connie and Mitch won't ever get married. Therefore, he now thinks that not only will Connie and Mitch renew their relationship, but Eugene and Katrina, in tomorrow's episode, will receive the news that, despite all odds, by a miracle of God, they're expecting a baby. And so, he thinks, with that obstacle removed, the next logical step will be for Mitch to somehow dump his fiancee and marry Connie. I don't think he's right at all, but I thought I'd amuse you by sharing that.

So my expectations are high for tomorrow's episode, despite my fears that it may not be that great of a resolution. I hope there is a very satisfactory ending if this plot will not be carried on into Album 56. I don't really see how much can be fit into one small 25-minute time slot, but I'll hold out hope just the same.

If you haven't listened to Part II yet, what are your expectations? Your fears? Your predictions? I'd love to hear them! Please comment!


  1. Haha, your father's predictions made me laugh. :P (In a good way). I do think that Cute Guy and Maureen are Mitch and his fiance. I'm expecting the little mystery to turn in a different direction, so it seems like they aren't doing anything "illegal". (Good lesson for Emily, don't you think?)

  2. As much as I like you dads prediction, (that would be so awesome!) I don't think that's whats going to happen. Here's my take on everything so far.

    MW and CG are forging the paintings, selling them as originals, and then skipping town. Mitch is on to them, and trying to trace them down. Connie will meet Mitch's fiancé, and realize that that's God's will for them, and they'll go on being friends.

    I'm very excited for tomorrow morning at 8:30 :)

    ~Jesus' Princess

  3. Don't have so high expectations. It isn't that good :p


  4. *Paul McCusker. Not Paul Herlinger. Different Pauls.

    1. Oh. Yeah. I don't know how I got that wrong. :|

      Thanks. :)