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Friday, September 14, 2012

Another Month Gone By...

Sorry!  I just came on today and realized that my last post was on August 14th, so since today is September 14th (my birthday, by the way), I decided I'd probably better post something.

As you probably guessed, my life is a little hectic right now. I qualified for the National Bible Bee again, so there's lots of stuff to memorize and study. But then also, I started taking a time-consuming computer class at a local vocational high school, in addition to taking some twelfth grade subjects. So, yeah, I have very little time to dedicate to this blog. Unfortunately for you guys, this isn't all that high on my priority list right now. But I promise that when the new season starts, I will do my very best to keep up with reviewing every episode, so you should get at least one post a week from me.

In other news, you know how I said in the interview that Album 41: "In Hot Pursuit" was my favorite album, but that I've never owned it? Well, now I do! One of my very good friends (who I recently learned reads this blog [Hi, Sam!]) was in Colorado last week, and went to Focus on the Family, and, being the good friend that he is, bought me Album 41!  I don't know if it was in connection with my birthday, or just because he wanted to make me happy, but I now own my favorite album. :)

Well, hopefully this short post will hold you guys over until October 6th. I'll be honest and say that I probably won't write again until the new season starts. I may...maybe. But don't count on it. ;)  Thanks for reading!



  1. Always good to hear from you again, Christian. Happy birthday, by the way. May it be a happy one, and may you have many more!

  2. Happy Birthday. It seems like a bunch of people were born on this day. I personally know of 3 people, plus you, which makes 4! That was so nice of your friend! I wish my friends would buy me AIO, lol.

    1. Yeah, it's weird. For years I never knew anyone else with my birthday. Then when we moved to our current church, we found out that the mom of one of my best friends has my birthday. Then just this past Wednesday, we discovered that another mom in the church has my birthday. And then yesterday, someone on the Town of Odyssey told me that Mark Hall, the lead singer of Casting Crowns was born on September 14th as well. :)

  3. Mark Hall was? Cool. And its moat suspicious you posted on your birthday. .