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Thursday, January 13, 2011

You've Got to Hear the New Podcast!

On the 112 Official Podcast that came out yesterday, Bob and Jesse interview Todd Busteed of Gap Digital about his work in Odyssey sound design. That takes up most of the podcast, but I have to admit that I skipped past that because of what was said to be coming after the interview.


I won't give anything away, but it definitely seems like we're going back to the Novacom and Darkness Before Dawn days of deep plots and sinister villains. And we know from Nathan Hoobler (or was it Paul McCusker?) that we'll hear from a character we haven't seen in a while. I can't wait!

Also, you can now vote in the Avery Awards for Best Script, Episode, Sound, Scene, Actor, and Actress.

So get over to and listen to the podcast!


  1. I made myself listen to the entire podcast first. I really liked Todd Busteed's point of view. He seems very energetic about his work. Also most of the Avery Award votes for me were rather easy to choose and I thought the sneak peek was interesting.

  2. @ Jessa: I figure most fans would. But I think I'm going to go back and listen to the interview based on what Tim said.

    @ Tim: I also thought that the Averys we're easy to pick. Especially when it came to Best Actor and Actress. The Best Script and Sound were somewhat difficult, but I'm glad with what I chose. I can't wait to see what wins!

  3. I skipped the whole interview, listened to the preview, and left.
    I'm bad, aren't I? :(

  4. I still haven't listened to the whole thing. I didn't have time then, nor do I now, but it was a long podcast. Maybe I'll catch it tomorrow while I write my Wooton (Mr. Bassett) review.