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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hear Eleven New Clips from Album 53!

The special surprise today was released on the Official AIO Podcast page in video form. Brock supposedly has now made it possible to download the entire Album 53 for free! But that's not all.
Something that I think others probably missed is that on the page where you can download the episodes, you can hear a clip from each and every new episode in the season!! The only reason there aren't twelve new clips is because the first one is the one that was already released.

Spoiler Warning: The following includes new information that you might want to find out for yourself by listening to the new audio.

We hear from characters such as Matthew, Nelson, Jay, Emily, Wooton, Connie, Whit, and Eugene. And we meet new characters such as Buck, Penny Wise, Detective Tom Pullhouse, Agent Tanner, Uncle Archie, Mr. Skid, Officer Hardwick,

But the biggest, hugest, most amazing news, in my opinion is that the new character who is returning from WAY back is...Whit's grandson, Monty! At least that's what I assume is meant when "Whit's grandson" is reffered to. This is big news! I am much more excited for this new album than I ever was before, and I hope you are too!

Thank you for reading; I'll keep you updated on any more breaking news as it comes out.


  1. Thanks for the heads up. Just a suggestion, you may want to put a minor spoiler warning before you reveal who the returning character is just in case someone wants to wait until the album airs.

  2. Yeah, sorry, I wondered if I should maybe do that. I was just very excited to get the news out. Thanks for the suggestion!