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Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Results for the Second Semi-Annual Avery Awards Are In!

I'm going to post the results here for those of you who may not have time to listen to the podcast, but if you'd rather hear the podcast first, don't read on. : )

The award for Best Sound goes to:

The Mystery of the Clock Tower Parts I and II.

I voted for Wooton's Broken Pencil Show, but I guess it's okay that this one won. I've only actually heard each episode once, so I don't know if it really was superior or not. I'm looking forward to actually owning the album.

The award for Best Scene goes to:

Clock Tower Meetings--the story of the clock tower meetings from The Mystery of the Clock Tower.

Now with this one, I can't say that I am very happy, because I, for one, thought that this part of the episode was pretty mature for the 8-12 year old target audience. But apparently it was popular, and, again, since I've only heard it once, maybe it was really good.

The award for Best Actor goes to:

Will Ryan as Eugene in Fast As I Can.

I pretty much agree with this choice, although I actually picked Whit Hertford as Jay in The Malted Milkball Falcon. Mr. Ryan continues to do an amazing job as Eugene for someone who is actually way older than his character. And he especially did well in this episode at the times when Eugene was trying to keep his words at two syllables or less. He had me laughing out loud a lot.

The award for Best Actress goes to:

Katie Leigh as Connie in The Mystery of the Clock Tower.

I did vote for this one, and I'm glad that she won, because in my opinion, all four of the other nominees weren't very good at their parts. So I'm glad that Katie Leigh was rewarded again, becuase she, just like Will Ryan, continues to do an excellent job at playing a character way younger than herself, and I hope God allows her to do it for a much longer time.

The award for Best Script goes to:

The Mystery of the Clock Tower.

I actually did vote for this one because from what I remembered about the episode, it had a great plot, and it was a good mystery that kept you guessing. I think Paul McCusker definitely deserved this award, and I am very much looking forward to his work on the full-album mystery coming up in the next season.

And the award for Best Overall Episode goes to:

The Mystery of the Clock Tower.

This didn't surprise me that much since this episode also got awards for Script and Sound, but again, I didn't think that it was the best of the season, just because of the slight matureness in the overall plot behind the plot. But I guess it was well-deserved, and since the fans were so pleased with this episode, hopefully they'll feel just as well about the upcoming season.

Thank you for taking the time to read. I'd very much like to hear your thoughts about what I said, and what your votes were. Please comment!

P.S. Luke from the Odyssey Times discovered a new website called AIOIFA (AIO Information for Anyone). It is a miniature version of what many websites like The Soda Fountain and AIO HQ offer. It looks really good, and seems to be promising. Go check it out!


  1. One of my favorite scenes was where Matthew met Thomas Jefferson.

  2. Oh yes, that was an amazing scene where we saw a side of the Imagination Station that we've never seen before. I love that scene! It should've been one of the nominated.

  3. That scene actually was like...really lame to me. We never heard of that happening before...I just didn't like it. And I can't wait for you to own it! It's amazing. :)

  4. Here is my votes (if my memory serves me right) Best Sound: Thankstaking Story, Best Script: MOTCT, Best Overall: I can't remember, Actor: Jay, Actress: Camilla. I was kind of hoping one of the non-regular characters would win but hey you can't have it all! Also, I did not like Wooten's Broken Pencil Show very much as I am not a very big fan of Wooten anymore. He is becoming too corny for me. One more thing! I finally gave in and bought the GRC and it was great! If there was one thing I could change about the GRC is the moral part of it. You'll understand once you hear it.

  5. @ Marvin: Yeah, I really can't wait to have it. I've listened to most of the episodes only once, and some of them while I was distracted with something else, so I'm really looking forward to giving my undivided attention to some of them. Also, I hear there're a lot of extra scenes for some of the shows, so I'm looking forward to hearing those as well.

    @ Tim: I've heard people saying that A Thankstaking Story should have gotten best sound, which is probably right because of all the songs and the Dr. Suess aspect. But I don't remember that one very well, and that's one of the ones I was kind of distracted while I listened to it. I didn't necessarily love Wooton's Broken Pencil Show, but I thought the sound was really well done, and that it was almost like a BTV episode. But I do still like Wooton.

    And I figured that the GRC might be like Novacom where it's so caught up in telling the story and the mystery that it forgets about real morals. I'm pretty okay with that because I personally really like mystery stories, even if there is no moral. But it is supposed to be a Christian show, so it should have good lessons. So I'm sure I'll mention that when I review the episodes.

    But I still haven't given in and bought Album 53, and I'm going to continue demonstrating self-control. I'm going to wait to hear them on the radio, just like every other fan has had to do until just the last couple of seasons.