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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Look What I Got!

Well, I didn't get it, again, but my younger brother just did for his birthday!

I promise I won't listen to Parts 11 or 12 before they air on the radio, although I'm not sure my siblings are in agreement with me. But I gave my word when the album was first available that I wouldn't take advantage of that, so I'm sticking to it.

Sorry I still haven't gotten a review out. It was a pretty uneventful episode, so I'm working on going through every scene again. But that takes a lot of time, and I've been pretty busy, so I decided to post this as something for you guys to enjoy while you're waiting. I'll do my best to get the review out either tomorrow or probably Thursday at the latest. I don't want to have to combine my reviews of Parts 10 and 11, but unfortunately, it may come to that.

Thank you for being faithful readers! I greatly appreciate it!

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