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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New Revelations

Well, there's a new Official Podcast out, and this one actually reveals a lot! It's a Q & A session with Paul McCusker and Dave Arnold. There are several things revealed about Album 54 and beyond. If you don't have the time to listen, I've listed the answers to all the questions here.

  • There will be a resolution to the Jason/Mr. Grote saga involving an Agent Billings.
  • There is no connection between Mr. Grote, Dr. Blackgaard, and Mr. Charles.
  • Buck will probably make a re-appearance in Odyssey.
  • The directors played with a variety of different voices with Townsend Coleman to try to get a good Stilletto voice. They ended up choosing the one that they thought would best disguise Jason until he was revealed.
  • Detective Polehaus will be heard in the next album in at least one episode.
  • If Buck re-appears in Odyssey, Mr. Skint will certainly be somewhere nearby.
  • Throughout the recording of the first six episodes of the GRC, the writers were planning to have Penny end up being a double agent, working for Dr. Trask, but because of the direction the actress's voice seemed to be taking her, Mr. McCusker had to go back and re-write the rest of the episodes to keep her on the good side.
  • Mr. McCusker has been growing a beard since 1981, is currently sporting a goatee, and at times has been totally clean-shaven. At one point, his wife commented that he looked like a badger and she really wanted him to get rid of it, so he had to shave it.
  • Mr. Arnold didn't really like his work as Jesus in the original Imagination Station, but he enjoyed any time they did a live show.
  • All of the writers' creativity is God-inspired, but their ideas come from a variety of sources. It's a collective effort every time they write a story.

There was also a one-minute clip featuring snippets from several episodes in Album 54! I can't say that I'm much more excited about what's ahead, but it was still interesting to hear new things from our favorite characters. I don't really have time to explain everything that happened in the preview, so you'll just have to hear it on the podcast.

Finally, the Avery Awards for Album 53 are up! They're a little different than other ones have been before because all the episodes had the same name. It'd be a little difficult to pick best writing, sound design, and overall episode this season, so that's not what it's like this time. Instead, the best actor and actress remain, but then there are new catergories such as "Best New Character," "Funniest Quote," and "Best Cliff-Hanger." So make sure you go vote!

That's all for now. Thanks for reading! Please comment!


  1. My favorite Avery award Question was "who was your favorite writer?" ;)

  2. Yeah, I wasn't sure what to vote on that one. :P

  3. I remember the options being:"P. McCusker; Paul McCusker, PEM, P. E. McCusker, and Paul E. McCusker". They didn't do "Paul Eugene McCusker" though (I got the middle name from the official guide.(The Album 3 front page thinggy)) I wonder why... ;) I'm positive "Thingy" is one G, but if you remember that podcast about novacom bonus extras.

  4. I do remember that! That CD is so fun to listen to. It's so fun to hear the writers discuss things. I wish they would do more of those. Maybe there'll be something like it in The Blackgaard Chronicles package.

  5. @Christian:I'm pretty sure that they will have a BTS thing in the Blackgaard Chronicles. I know there'll be a bonus dvd. I wonder what's on it...