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Monday, August 15, 2011

Wow! Album 55 Summary!

I am very excited! FreddyJay over at The Campbell County Connection just posted this information he came across on AIO Wiki:

There's now a page on AIO Wiki for Album 55, and there's a summary for the album already! And it sounds very exciting:
"When Jason Whittaker tracks the villainous Mr. Grote to London, England, he discovers another ominous plot. With the help of some old friends, will he unravel it in time? Back in Odyssey, Eugene and Red reveal the story of a World War I hero—Sergeant Alvin York."
And, nearly just as exciting, the updated album art for Album 29, "Signed, Sealed, and Committed" has been released as well:

Sorry I don't have a bigger picture. Blogger wouldn't let me post one that was any more detailed than that. You'll have to go to the Odyssey Scoop to see the one Jacob posted there.

This new cover is just as unrevealing as the previous one was, as I was hoping it would be. I love the colors and how it's all centered on the cake. The word is, according to Jacob, that this album will feature the new Odyssey logo, contrary to previous reports. And every repack from now on will also feature the new logo--even the albums that have already been repacked. I'm not sure what I think of that idea, but I can't wait to see what future repacks will look like!

This was the best news we've had in a long time, and I'm glad I was able to see it tonight before going to bed. :D


  1. Where did you find the image containing the border? I could only find one without a border, not including the 3d one of course.

  2. This one I found at The Campbell County Connection:

    I don't know where Freddy Jay got it though.

  3. I found it on CBD. Which is where I saw it even before it was up on the scoop.