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Friday, August 19, 2011


I was expecting these soon, because we got one of the five albums shown in the Facebook video a few months ago, but I wasn't expecting them in bulk this soon! Unlike I was thinking, all of these are exactly the same as they were shown in the video, and I think at least three out of the four look really good! Here are albums 2, 23, 26, and 34:

I'm sorry the pictures are so small. For whatever weird reason, Blogger won't let me post big pictures anymore because there's an overflow of information. You'll have to go to AIO Wiki or The Campbell County Connection to see the big versions.

I don't have time right now to give my thoughts on them, so you guys'll have to guess which one I don't like as much. Thanks for reading! I hope you were excited as I was to see these. Please comment!


  1. I don't know about you, but the Album 26 one really bugs me. I love the other ones, but this one is not pleasing me. It's way too sci-fi-ish, and makes this album look much more lighthearted and strange.

  2. Yup. That's the one that bugs me too. Not only does it look too sci-fi-y like you said, but it doesn't look like it'd fit on an album cover, and it doesn't fit in the episode.

  3. I think it fits the episode, they were taking it from the Hidden in My Heart. In which they do a parody of Star Trek. And even though Connie and Eugene aren't in that sketch persay, I think it fits the cover nicely. It's just an interesting one to say the least. And the alien peeking out is a nice touch.

  4. Yeah, I knew it was from Star Trip, but I didn't think that Connie and Eugene were in it, which was what made it weird. I just think it looks like a really odd picture to have on the cover of an album. For once, I actually liked the old one better. But I have to agree, the alien that's peeking over the rock does make it better. :D

  5. @Freddy:I knew where the picture comes from, I just don't think it makes a very good album cover as a whole.