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Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Maze, Part 2

Here we go. Part 2. I got a lot of feedback from you guys, saying you liked the way I did the review last week, so I'm going to do it again.

I thought it was interesting that there was a "previously on Adventures in Odyssey" segment before the show. We haven't had one of those since probably...The Top Floor? Or maybe it's just that all of the album versions take them out, so I wouldn't know. Anyway, I thought it was kind of weird. It seemed to be mostly a time-filler, because it lasted a looong time: almost two whole minutes! ;)

Now to the first real scene. I was hoping for a chase scene, but the episode starts with Dale and Sew back with Jason and Ann, and they brought Jason's secret suitcase with them. Does anyone else think that Ann sounds really young? I think she sounds just like Alicia Jennings in The Myster of the Clock Tower. She doesn't fit very well with Dale. I liked her old voice much better. I wonder what happened to the actress? I loved how Dale had to explain the Alamo to Sew. That's another thing you don't think about very often--Americans are typically some of the only people who know and care about American history. Hmmm. Jason wants Ann to hide the secret stuff from him so that he won't know where it is, if asked. I wonder who he suspects he might run into....

Is anyone else wondering what I'm wondering? Are you going to eat those french fries? Are you going to eat that cake? Why is Sew so crazy about food and yet at the same time so easily able to fit in Jason's suitcase? :P Already I'm starting to not like Ann so much. Turn himself in? What kind of an idea is that? And then she almost sounded like Wooton when she said, "I'm still stuck on the part about Reggie Fingers being a real name." Ugh. But then she gets helpful when she knows what the Julius House is. Asian artifacts, Mr. Grote comes from Hong Kong. I'm thinking Jason's going to find Mr. Grote there....And apparently Jason's thinking the same thing. Off to the next scene!

Oh, wait, no, not off the the next scene. Off to a commercial. Even more time-filling! Okay, now back to the episode. Sew's gone? That can't be good. Maybe they'll meet up with her later. I don't think they'd just take her totally out of the show like that without a goodbye-and-thank-you scene.

Now we're at the auction. And they find some climate-controlled vases connected to *insert epic music* The Prominent Company. Really? The Prominent Company? That is a very generic name for such a high-profile organization. I guess that could be the point, but whatever.

Okay, the auction's about to start. Seriously? We're already in the hundreds of thousands?! What kind of money do these people have? Is this in pounds or dollars? So, Lord Brownlough is winning everything from The Prominent Company. And Jason goes off to talk with him? That's sort of unusual. I would have thought he'd stay more undercover than that.

I can't tell if Lord Brownlough knows anything or not. His comments before and after he knew anyone was listening weren't suspicious, and he seemed to have a good enough explanation for his actions. Maybe he's being totally controlled by someone else.

Next scene, our favorite Odysseyans are leaving the auction, but an alarm goes off. Somebody collapsed at the loading dock, maybe from something toxic. I would have hesitated to believe it, thinking it was a show staged by Mr. Grote to cover something up, but apparently Jason's going with it.

Now Jason turns to the "Alamo" backup plan. I don't know why he's having Dale enter the codes on the computer when he could do it himself. I guess we'll find out. Uh-oh. Jason's getting unsure of himself. That's never good. He agrees with Dale that everything may end in tragedy.

Okay, so now Sew's back, and she knows about the accident with the toxic chemicals. Apparently the whole thing was real, and it was one of Reggie Fingers' men who passed out. And now the crate is in the hands of the Hazardous Materials Squad. I wonder where that will go.

Then Sue, again, gets ready to show off her skills and she and Jason head to "the back way in" to Intensive Care.

Wow! That was a surprise. Agent Billings shoved Jason back into the hallway. It would seem that he still trusts Jason enough to get him out of trouble. But I wonder what he was doing there... *more epic music*

If I could say "what the heck" I would. Well, I guess I just did. That next scene was really weird. Apparently Billings is really, really mad at Jason for not contacting him. Really mad. But he has some really good information about Koflax and its connection to Mr. Grote. Oh no! That's the connection the event at the British museum! It wasn't the Hazardous Materials Squad that took the crate; it was more of Reggie Fingers' men! Grote's going to suffocate all those world leaders!

This story is getting better all the time. The plot elements are way more exciting than those of the Green Ring Conspiracy. Suffocating the President of the U.S.A. and the Prime Minister of England, along with several leaders from Asia is on such a much larger scale than the GRC that it's hard to believe Grote was in charge of both. Wait, now Sew is the traitor?! I wonder what Reggie had to do to her to get her to go along with him. Or has she been working for him the whole time?

YES! We finally meet Mr. Grote! I really like his voice. It's the perfect mix of deep and Asian to sound sinister and villainy. What? Jason just lunged at Grote? I agree with him, "Such violence is uncharacteristic of you, Jason....Please." What was that? Well, at least he still has some sense left in him: the codes Dale entered into the laptop were destructive to Grote's whole computer system. Oh wait. No, it's not just destructive. It sends all of his files to the authorities...and then it destroys the system. And I love it that all Mr. Grote says is, "This is unfortunate." He is the greatest villain ever! Wait. The "worm" doesn't activate until midnight? What's up with that? Why not just have it activate as soon as it was uploaded?

Now Reggie Fingers is off to find out more information from Jason, "by whatever means necessary." But now the episode is done, and we have to wait until next week to see what kind of torture will be inflicted upon him. Thankfully this isn't as much of a cliffhanger as we got last week. But we still don't know what will happen to those gathering at the British Museum that night. This is so great!

Thanks for reading my review! As always, your comments are greatly appreciated, so feel free to share your thoughts about the episode or my review.


  1. Why did you write so much? WHY? WHY? I quit reading because it was taking too long and I haven't listened to it yet :P

  2. @Marvin: Haha
    @Christian: Awesome review again! I read it ALL *cough* unlike someone *cough*. And I agree that it is much better than the GRC plot and stuff.
    Can't wait till next week!

  3. @ Marvin: Why would you read it before hearing the episode? Cheater!!

    @ Alina: Thanks! I very much appreciate the feedback.

  4. Did you notice that Sue pronounces "th" like "f"?

  5. No, I didn't notice that specifically, but I think that's pretty normal for British people.

  6. Yes, considering the others of these episodes, Ann is a bit of a downside to this particular array of characters.
    Lol I think why Sew was so fond of food was because she probably did not always have the opportunity to enjoy it in that quantity. I take it she did not do this habitually and was simply taking advantage of the situation; her lifestyle, I think, could explain that.