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Thursday, March 10, 2011

New Characters

Or at least they're new to those of you who haven't yet heard Album 53. ;) The newest Official Podcast video episode features a short look at each of the new characters and their actors. We get to hear the names and voices of the new characters, and they even give us some lines from the shows. I'll list them here for those of you who don't have time to watch the podcast.

  • Phil Proctor (formerly played Leonard Meltsner)--Detective Don Polehaus: "Too bad we don't allow preemptive arrests. (Jay: "What does that mean?") Ask your uncle--or anyone else he knows at Campbell County Prison!"

  • Robby Bruce--Buck Oliver: "Dirk Beggs is in intensive care. They won't let anyone in to see him."

  • ?--Dirk Beggs (talking on the phone): "Listen to me, it's Dirk Beggs. Look, I know you said not to call on this number again, but it's all gone wrong!"

  • Lori Tritel--Dr. Lilly Graham: "We received a confidential directive from Homeland Security that they'd begun embedding identification chips under the arms of their agents."

  • David Selby--Jebediah Skint: "Here you go, Buck, my boy. Let's hope you get that job at Whit's End."

  • Keith Ferguson--Ted Humphries, news caster: "He's a good cop, but not very tolerant of little things skills. I've met junkyard dogs with better personalities."

This isn't much new information, but we now know that Buck is possibly involved in a scheme with Mr. Skint, having to do with getting a job at Whit's End, Buck is also involved somehow with Dirk Beggs, and whatever Beggs is up to with the person he's talking to on the phone has gone completely wrong. Also, Jay's uncle (Wally Haggler) returns, and is presumably in prison for something.

It sounds like this is going to be a very, very interesting season, and I can't wait to hear it!


  1. Tee hee, I love already knowing what happens and seeing your speculations!

  2. You're so mean. ; D I almost wish I had taken advantage of the early release like you did, but then at the same time I'm glad I can say that I waited. But I still can't wait to hear the episodes! And I'm going to have a difficult time waiting each week for the next episode to air, since I'm anticipating some cliff-hangers.

  3. Yes there is! *Chuckles as he rubs it in* :-D

  4. I just finished listening to the Green Ring Conspiracy. It was totally awesome!!! By the way Christian you probably will be left with way too many cliffhangers... You should pre-order it or you will go crazy- like me. To tell you truth a friend gave the cd to me. Thank goodness!