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Saturday, March 26, 2011

...And So It Persists...

These episodes are probably going to get harder and harder to review, so please bear with me as I try to do my best. It'll probably sound jumbled up and slightly unorganized, because I don't have much time to be righting this.

I don't think we got as many answers to questions this episode as we did last episode. We didn't here anything from Mr. Skint, Dirk Beggs, or Monty. But we did get at least a little information about Monty and Beggs in Agent Tanner's soliloquy about his involvement with the counterfeiters. As far as I can tell, the Secret Service was suspicious of Dirk Beggs, so they sent Monty in on a mission to get information. For a while, it seemed like it might be a waste of time, but then Dirk started giving Monty information. But then they both disappeared until they were discovered after the plane crash, and now the Secret Service assumes the worst and considers Monty a rogue agent. I definitely agree with Whit that Monty wasn't the type of kid who would get tempted by money. So I'm considering him innocent until proven guilty.

Connie at art classes at CCCC...weird. But I'm sure it has something significant to do with the ultimate plot. We'll just have to see how it plays out. The character of Penny is weird, but I'm sure she's supposed to be that way. I never knew Connie was interested in drawing, let alone that she has the ability to copy the Mona Lisa! But what is this obsession with fangs? And I don't know about you, but I'm suspicious about the "Christianity" of Penny and Dr. Trask. Something tells me it's going to turn out to be some kind of weird cult, as in Bad Company. Something about Dr. Benjamin Trask makes me suspicious of him. Maybe it's the fact that he sounds like he's played by the same actor as Detective Polehaus. Are they related? Then again, Penny sounds like she could be played by Katie Leigh, so there's probably nothing there.

I definitely agree with Marvin (I think it was Marvin) who says that this relationship between Buck and Emily is Richard Maxwell/Lucy Cunningham-Schultz-like. It's an oldish boy whom we know is working for the bad guys playing with the heart of a girl who's obviously much younger than him. And, as he told Mr. Skint on the phone, Buck's going to use her to accomplish his diabolical plan to find Matthew and the AppleBerry. I don't know why Emily is being so naive all of a sudden. You'd think that since she's a detective that she'd be on guard for villains. Especially when there's a counterfeit money scheme involved. But I guess girls will be girls. : )

I was expecting to hear from Jay, Matthew, and Nelson, or at least Jay since I was told by Marvin that we'd be hearing from him in every episode. But they were in the "Previously on Adventures in Odyssey" clip at the beginning, so maybe that's what Marvin meant. Hopefully he'll be in the next one.

Well there are still a lot of questions that need to be answered: What is the significance of Penny and Dr. Trask? Will their "Christianity" prove to be genuine? What will Buck do with Emily? Will she help him find Matthew? What is on the phone, since Mr. Skint wants it so badly? Will Emily maybe turn Buck around and get him on our side? Or will Buck end up nearly killing her like Richard did to Lucy? What's up with the Stiletto? Is he only a myth? And is Monty a rogue agent? Why was he in Whit's house? And is he going to be okay, since we couldn't hear him responding to Whit? What is Detective Polehaus going to do with the counterfeit money? Is he a bad guy? Will he link it to Buck because of the "Oliver" Twist book in the front pocket? Will there be a cliff-hanger involving Monty in every episode?

I can't wait to hear the fourth episode next week! Thanks for reading my review! Please comment!


  1. I enjoyed this episode, but it left alot of questions unanswered. I don't believe that Monty went rogue, there is another explanation for this! I too doubt Penny Wise's Christianity, she was very vague, "oh, the Christian type" and I think Dr. Trask is involved in all of this to somehow. I'm still waiting to hear from Katrina, hopefully that will be soon! so many questions, hopefully next week will bring some answers!

  2. It was a little annoying that Emily was so naive with Buck. I wonder if her reaction had anything to do with her feeling left out of the club that Matthew was in.

  3. Everything I say can be used against me? Fine, Jay isn't in the next episode :P Just fyi. BTW, Buck is 14. It's said in the later episodes. Just thought you might want to know.
    No cliff hangers with Monty every episode, too. ;)

  4. Buck is 14?!? Wow, I thought he was more like 17 or 18.

  5. Yeah, I thought so. He's described as "good looking, 14 or 15". And later on, Katrina says that he said he was 14.

  6. Bob the interrupting cowNovember 4, 2011 at 4:20:00 PM EDT

    Awesomeness! :D