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Friday, April 1, 2011

AHH! Big Updates!

I got an e-mail from Brock for the first time in a long time! He sent the descriptions for the episodes that we presently have the titles for. I couldn't believe it! This is so similar to what happened last year with Album 52! Here are the descriptions:

Unbecoming Jay: Jay Smouse is devastated with the news about his uncle's past involvement in illegal activities, and he's afraid that with the way his life is going, he might end up in prison too. So he asks the Square One Club to help him with his problems and try to make him a better person. But Whit tells Jay that there's only One Who can make him a better person. Only He can truly help Jay and stop the family line of bad behavior.

The Amazing Loser: Barrett Jones is frustrated. No matter how hard he tries, he is losing at everything--he can't get the notes right on his trombone, he's always the last one picked for football because of his lack of ability, and he keeps messing people's days up. Therefore, he's even losing Priscilla, who's turning her attention to the changed Jay. He goes to Mr. Whittaker for help, and ends up getting sent on a trip in the Transmuter.

Wooton Knows Best: In yet another episode containing the name of this fan favorite, Wooton is being pummeled with kids who want his advice. It all started when Whit wasn't available and Wooton was at the counter, but now the kids love his advice, and start coming to him all the time instead of Whit! However, the real adventure starts when Whit asks Wooton for advice about one of his new inventions....

Anger Mismanagement: Principal Vogler is noticing the overabundance of bad behavior at Odyssey Middle School. He recruits Matthew and Emily to try to find out the cause behind everyone's irritation and frustration. But what they find surprises all three of them, and soon they are affected. Only one person can come to the rescue...Eugene!

In other news, the release of the Blackgaard Chronicles has been moved up to July, and the cover is to be released very shortly. Also, there's rumor of a new two-part Blackgaard episode being added to the tenth CD because of a two-episode shortage. I'll be watching this one very closely.

Finally, you can head over to the Official Podcast to see a video of some of the recording of Album 54! AHHH! See the actors for kids like Barrett, Jay, and Priscilla as they act! AHHH! This is so cool! Make sure you check it out! Oh, but read my comments first!

Thanks for reading! Make sure you keep coming back for any new exciting news! Please comment!


  1. April Fools! :D :D :D

    In my opinion, that one wasn't as good as last year's, but maybe you thought it was. It was a little harder, because I already had the episode titles, and I didn't get to make them up.

    Tell me what you thought!

  2. Lol, at first I kind of believed you, but then I thought it was strange that I hadn't gotten that email. Plus I've already been tricked once today. :)

  3. Well, you did good job inventing those episode descriptions, but I got on the computer today planning on not believing anything that I read.

  4. Those descriptions were funny, but I knew it was April Fools all along, mostly because today is April 1st. Also, the description for Unbecoming Jay sounded a little too much like Changing Rodney. Come on, why would they change Jay like that?

  5. You had me there for a minute! I read this today so I didn't think about April Fools! Are you going to review part IV of the GRC today?

  6. Hey Christian! Almost all of your links are as black as the background, which makes it very hard, if not impossible to see them! Could you change this?
    By the way, on your profile it says you're 14. But you started this blog over a year ago. Are you 15 now, or were you 13 when you started?

  7. I'm glad I at least tricked some of you. I've been out of town all week, so I didn't see your guys' comments until today. I'll hopefully be reviwing Part IV of the GRC tomorrow.

    @ gooey98: I was 13 when I started, but changed the profile after I turned 14 in September. And yeah, I'll try to work with the colors.

  8. Nah didn't get me. I am too smart for that! LOL