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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Interview with Monty

I listened to the fourth episode in The Green Ring Conspiracy this morning, and I've decided to merge my reviews of this episode and Part V. For one thing, I don't really have time to write a full review today. And for another thing, I don't have enough to say about the episode. So I'm going to try to review both Parts IV and V on Saturday.

In other news, the Official Podcast has come out with a new episode featuring an interview with Chad Reisser, the voice behind Monty Whittaker and 25 other characters in Odyssey's history since before it was even called Adventures in Odyssey, beginning with Mark Forbes in Dental Dilemma.

This was a very interesting podcast, and it was encouraging to learn things about Mr. Reisser like the fact that he is a Christian and leads worship with his wife at his church in California. Plus, there was a sneak-peek at this weekend's episode at the end of the podcast. It gives a hint at what I assume is Dr. Benjamin Trask's involvement in the counterfeit scheme. So if you have the time, go check it out!

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