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Saturday, April 16, 2011

...And So It Drags On (in a good kinda way)...

Okay, before I get to the review, Ahhhh! Look what the AIO Wiki posted today!!!

This is so cool! I wasn't expecting this at all! If you look closely at the checker/chess board, you can see that the pieces are Connie, Eugene, the Imagination Station, Whit's End, and Tom on Whit's side. And on Blackgaard's side we have a computer, a building that's probably Blackgaard's Castle, a man who could be Glossman, but he's fatter than I imagined him, and then a woman of whom we can see the top of her head. This is an overall amazing picture, and I couldn't have dreamed of anything better to have as the cover of this amazing set!

Alright, now to the review: Well, we're finally halfway through the season. And we heard the words "the Green Ring Conspiracy" for the first time, and we actually learn how it is that the carnival is most likely the cover for the counterfeiting scheme. Monty's explanation makes a lot of sense, but something tells me it was just given to make us suspect Uncle Archie and his carnival goons. But maybe something else is going on. Maybe Monty's in on it! And Mr. Skint is a good guy!! No, I'm just kidding, but I'm really not sure what to think about what Monty said.

I really like Uncle Archie's voice. But because of his tone, it's really hard to tell whether or not he's a good or bad guy. He seems to like Detective Polehaus, but it's not the same for Polehaus. I can't tell if Archie has a bad past with the detective, so that's why he doesn't like Wally, or if Wally has a bad past with him, and that's why he doesn't like Archie. Or maybe it's both, and they just have an all-around bad family. But we now know that Jay isn't the son of Archie, but he's the child of "Nick and Sylvia," not "Betty and Reggie." (It's a big family.)

This episode felt kind of short, because, like episode four, we didn't really get much new information out of it. A lot of the episode time was spent with the various characters' experiences at the carnival. Wooton and Penny make an odd pair, but their both odd, so I guess it's kind of even. I don't think they really have a future together, but maybe that's just because I think Penny's annoying, and she doesn't really bring out the best in him. I think even Victoria would have been better for him, especially considering the fact that I continue to doubt her "Christianity."

It sounds like a fun carnival though. However I've never actually been to a real carnival before, so it could be missing a lot. But all the rides and attractions mentioned sound fun. But it's freaky that practically all of the men and some of the women look like Mr. Skint, according to Archie. I'm not sure how much fun I could have with a bunch of people that look like that. If you've ever read A Carnival of Secrets in the second Odyssey novel compilation, Danger Signals, you know why I don't trust carvinals with a bunch of thugs for employees. They can't be good news.

Buck and Emily... That's just weird to me. I don't know what it is she sees in him. He is secretive, older than her, and he has an annoying Southern accent that sounds fake. I wish Matthew would act on the crush we all know he has on Emily (or vice versa) and get rid of Buck! Hopefully Emily won't end up helping Buck find the AppleBerry and giving it to him.

I'm glad suspicion was drawn out of Katrina after meeting with Mr. Skint and Buck. I wouldn't know what to think of her if she took that encounter at face value. Mr. Skint seems to want curiosity to be thrown his way. But I guess he has to go to drastic measures if he's going to get that AppleBerry back. I loved it when Monty didn't fall for the old "Watch out behind you!" trick, but then that was the trick! So yet again, there's a cliff-hanger involving Monty.

What will Mr. Skint do with Monty? What will Katrina and Eugene do when they get to the address that Buck gave her? What is Uncle Archie's connection to this conspiracy? Is Monty right about the carnival and auction being a cover for the counterfeit ring? What relationship will develop between Wooton and Penny? Will he and Connie be able to find her in the Hall of Mirrors? Will Matthew take Jay's advice and change Emily's mind about Buck? Will Buck find the AppleBerry before Matthew and Eugene figure out the password? What is Wally Haggler's secret past? What will Jay find out from his stakeout? Where is Agent Tanner hiding? Is Dirk Beggs's part in this mystery over, or will we hear from him again? And when will they ever tell us the answer to the mystery about a duck's quack?!

I guess we'll just have to keep listening. Thanks for reading my review! Please tell me what you think in the comments!

P.S. This picture was also posted on the AIO Wiki today. I think the pink works much better with the picture than the previously-speculated lavender did. Plus, it fits with the "love" theme.


  1. just a note blackgaard also has a building on his side, I believe it's the castle from the apple sauce saga

  2. there's also a fourth piece on Blackgaard's side, but I can't make out what it is. It sorta resembles a lady, but no one really comes to mind at the moment.....Any thoughts?

  3. It looks like on Blackgaard's side there is a computer, Blackgaard's Castle, Bart Rathbone, and Lucy Cunningham-Schultz.

  4. Oh, Bart! Of course! And Lucy! Good thinking! But she wasn't really all that much of a piece for Blackgaard. If anything, they should have painted her gray, because she wasn't evil, or willingly working with Blackgaard.

  5. The building could be Blackgaard's Castle, or The Electric Palace, and I'd almost forgotten about Lucy! That makes perfect sense. She was a "pawn" of Blackgaards. Willingly or unwillingly, to get what he wanted. Sort of like in chess how a pawn is traded for a queen when it makes it all the way to the other side.

  6. Gotcha. That makes sense. I think the building would have to be Blackgaard's Castle though, because the Electric Palace wasn't ever used for evil purposes (other than that the prices and products are always outrageous). Even in Darkness Before Dawn, I don't think it really played a part.

  7. The pawns on the chest board were a nice touch but I don't really like Blackgaard. He looks more like a petty thug than the menacing villain quality that is brought through in Earl Boen's voice. It is however, consistent with Gary Locke's style, if not with Blackgaard's character. Nice review btw!

  8. Nice review Christian! We were out of town for the weekend and I just heard part 6, it seemed really short, but I think that's because we still have no answers. Hopefully the next episode will shed some light on the mystery

  9. Speaking of a duck's quack, I searched it. A duck's quack does echo, but it is such a high quality echo that it gets mixed up with the original quack.

  10. It seems that I am the ONLY person who likes Buck. I guess that makes my reviews unique. I think I'm also the only one who doesn't think Agent Tanner is evil.