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Monday, June 14, 2010

Can Anyone Say Wow?

WOW! I now know why Blogger was down for a little while last week. This week they have introduced a brand-new formatting program, and as you can see, I took advantage of it. (Tell me what you think in the comments!)

While there isn't any new Odyssey news, there is some fan website news. Jacob has unveiled his surprise at the Odyssey Scoop! Not only has he redone the Features section of the website, but he also added a new feature: Odyssey Awards. Jacob has organized all of the past Fan Awards contests from 2006 back to 1999, when Nathan Hoobler and Shadowpaw hosted the Season Awards at their websites. Both sites have since gone AWOL (This will sound weird, but I don't know what "AWOL" means. Can someone please tell me?), but these selections from fans were fun to look through.

For anyone who's interested Audrey S. recently told us that she is one of the writers of the blog Words on a Page, a blog that has nothing to do with Odyssey, but rather focuses on books, and poems, and writing in general. Also, I discovered via AIO Insanity a blog done by Isabella Esther, a homeschooled, teenage, Christian girl who follows Audrey's site. Her blog is called 4 Da Glory of God, and, though she has only written a few posts, her entries are full of spiritual encouragement and discipline. It is very interesting, and though she needs to work on some of her theology, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

Also, for any Christian music fans, I discovered Jay's Musik Blog the other day. He gives daily (sometimes bi-daily) updates on Christian music and artists, and does a devotional every Wednesday. Enjoy!

This is Christian A. saying, "Marvin'd better be right about the cover for Album 52 being revealed soon, because if it isn't, I might die for lack of Odyssey news!" :D


  1. Hi Christian,

    Thanks for following my blog and for those kind words! I appreciate it very much.

    Cool blog! I used to watch Odyssey videos all the time, and I still enjoy it from time to time. So I'll make sure I come back soon. Keep up the good work! :)

  2. Wow! You discovered me very quickly, Jay! You're very welcome. I really enjoy your blog, and will be going very often. That's cool that you like Odyssey too.