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Monday, June 21, 2010

Seven Intriguing Facts

I have some interesting information that I've compiled together regarding Nelson Swanson and his blog:

1. Nelson's blog was discovered by Marvin D.

2. Marvin D. "discovered" it the very same day Nelson did his first post.

3. Nelson writes in a very similar way to Marvin D.

4. Nelson was absent from his blog the same amount of time as Marvin D. was from The AIO Fan's Life, and posted on the same day that Marvin posted.

5. Nelson has taken the liberty to call me Christian and Original Joe OJ, very similarly to how Marvin D. addresses the both of us.

6. Nelson has recently stated that he does another blog without his parents' knowledge.

7. Marvin D. took a particular interest to The Odyssey Muchacha which is also written by an Odyssey resident. He seemed to think it was a brilliant idea when she started it.

Just something to think about. I'm not trying to imply anything, but the facts seem to point to Marvin D. as the one who writes The Life of Nelson. Hey, I'm just saying. ; D


  1. *decides to find out who this Nelson really is*

    1. Well duh. I search for blogs like all the time. And type stuff like ""

    2. See number 1.

    3. He does? Pray tell how.

    4. Can't explain that.

    5. Who doesn't call you Christian?

    6. So according to you, that means that my parents don't know about the AIO Fan's Life. They do. And they happened to have read Nelson's blog.

    7. I did? I don't remember saying that.

  2. 1. I see.

    2. How could you have possibly found it the very day that he started it?

    3. Oh, just the overall way he writes and titles his posts and the things he writes about, and how he answers comments.

    4. I can. You are Nelson Swanson, Marvin. Admit it! ;)

    5. Most people. Especially people who have just met me.

    6. What I meant was that Nelson's fictional parents don't know that he runs another blog. I know that your parents are aware of your blog.

    7. You raved about the blog quite a bit in some of your first comments.

    So maybe I'm wrong. Maybe it's OJ or something. Or maybe you're just trying to cleverly cover your tracks. Or maybe it's your friend on the inside who started this blog. Whatever it is, you gave me something to write about today, so I'm grateful. : D

  3. Could be, or maybe Marvin is Nelson. Or maybe he's actually Agent 3XQ...Or maybe not.

  4. All I can say is it isn't me. Maybe it's the same person who does either Mandy Straussberg's Life or the Agent's blog. . .or FreddyJay!

  5. Audrey, he said he runs another blog too. Although he didn't really say it was Odyssey-related.

  6. Nelson is Marvin? Even I wouldn't have guessed it.

  7. I raved about it? Whoop-de-doo...I don't think I *raved* And I don't admit to stuff I don't do!...unless people aren't supposed to know. But anywayz...the fictional person *could/couldn't* be running another blog.

    Besides...I always admit to stuff...when I'm caught.

  8. I think we need to put the pressure on this "Nelson" guy (if that's his real name) and get him to come clean! Marvin has declared his innocence, and needs to be vindicated! C'mon, "Nelson"! Take off your mask! Who are you, really?!?

  9. Hey! What if Christian is trying to cover his own tracks and throw everyone off his scent by trying to make Marvin out to be "Nelson," when Christian himself may be "Nelson"? Christian sure seems to know a lot about everyone's blogging idiosyncracies, and seems the perfect candidate for secretly constructing a shadow blog. Come clean, Christian! You've been exposed!

  10. So first it was Camilla Parker that everyone wanted to know about and now it's Nelson. And it looks like "Anonymous" could have a point too, about it being Christian.

  11. Ha ha. You guys made me laugh out loud. I can say with a totally clean conscience that I am not Nelson Swanson the blogger. Believe me or not, there it is.