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Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Odyssey news has been coming along deathly slow the last couple of weeks. The latest news is that you have a chance to get in the recommendations page for Passages books 3 & 4. Click here if you want to learn how.

Marvin put out his podcast! In this most recent one, Marvin answers FAQs from his fans (mainly me), and tries to pronounce some of the longest words in the English language. Also, he seems to think, or actually, he learned from a secret AIO informant (who that is I have no idea) that we will be seeing some final Album 52 artwork sometime soon. What we've seen so far looks awesome, so I'm really looking forward to it.

Vote in my newest poll if you haven't yet. Head over to my Links Outward page if you want to check out any blogs you haven't heard of.

Well, I'm off to church, so until there's some real news, this is Christian A. signing off.


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  2. Did I say that I needed unique fonts somewhere?

    And where is your website, since you want me to visit it?

  3. Beware Christian, that may be a spammer. I have seen stuff like that all the time.

  4. Thanks, Tim. That's what I originally thought too, so I didn't do what he wanted me to do.

    Jovan, if you are a spammer, please know that what you are doing is illegal and stop.

    If you are just trying to help, thank you, but I am content with the fonts that I have. I am not in need of anything new.