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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Scene from Album 52!

I think I'm finally the first to get new information out!

The fifth episode of the Odyssey Scoopcast is out! And it is by far the best episode yet! I couldn't believe my ears when Kevin McCreary gave us not only a new episode title, "The Mystery of the Clock Tower", but he also gave us a scene from that episode! In this scene, we find out the main characters in the story, the main storyline, and that there is a new mayor in Odyssey!

Kevin also gave us a heads-up that the final Album 52 cover will be revealed tomorrow! And the new Official Podcast tomorrow will tell us where to find it. So I guess Marvin was right; how he knows someone who knows Nathan Hoobler I have no idea, but he was right on.

I'll try to be one of the first people out with the cover tomorrow. How's that for Odyssey news?!

By the way, yesterday Marvin discovered a new blog, "The Life of Nelson Swanson". It seems to be going in the same direction as The Odyssey Muchacha (which seems to be on a hiatus), and looks to be a very promising blog.

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  1. *laughs* I can't reveal my sources, but I told you! Haha!